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Brightwell Clinic Philosophy

My philosophy, as owner of Brightwell Clinic remains that we are “treating the body in motion.” Our aim in every case, where reasonably possible, is to make the foot pain-free or at least to significantly reduce any foot pain a patient is suffering from. Treatment is professionally carried out in wellequipped treatment rooms by HCPC registered Podiatrists making use of excellent instrument sterilisa on procedures whilst minimising, so far as practicable any adverse effects on the environment.

Sometimes it is possible to rid a patient of foot pain with the treatment but at other times it may only be possible to offer palliative care.

Recent developments at Brightwell Clinic

These have been numerous but the most significant have been:

  • To adopt a practice management system from Cliniko, supplemented by an interface from Xero accounting which has meant that we have seen improvements in record keeping of all sorts and in efficiency at the clinic.
  • We are now able to offer on-line booking and payment for almost all of the service we offer which will mean that you can usually secure the appointment date and time that suits you best.

  • We now have recruited a further HCPC registered Podiatrist, Helen Howes, who is a pleasant hard working and dedicated professional. This provides more appointment slots for you to choose from.

  • Saddaf Qureshi, another dedicated and hard-working professional HCPC registered Podiatrist, hope to be returning to the clinic in April 2024 following absence on maternity leave.

  • We have invested in Podium a foot scanning system which is an aid to early indication of complications arising from diabetes and in conjunction with F Scan provides more help in assessing biomechanical issues with the foot. Podium is therefore available on initial  appointments and wherever it can play a useful part of follow up/standard appointments

  • Following a review of decontamination and sterilisation procedures versus the use of single use instruments, we have decided to continue with in house decontamination and sterilisation of instruments. To that end we have replaced our washer -disinfector unit with the latest manufatured by the Miele Group

Booking appointments, fee payments, cancellations and refunds

We are trying to balance the interest of the Clinic, its podiatrist and patients to ensure that the clinic functions as smoothly as possible and that cancellations do not adversely affect the income of the podiatrists. For the Terms and Conditions relating to Appointments, fee payments, cancellations and refunds please (click here). Obviously, it is not possible to cover every eventuality or emergency situation and the clinic will look at unusual circumstances with empathy and in its discretion find a solution acceptable to all parties.

For our full revised Terms and Conditions click here.

Susan Sandall
Clinic Director

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