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Children & Biomechanics

The podiatrists at Brightwell Clinic have a great interest in children’s foot health and are members of the national interest group for podiatric treatment for children.

It is quite usual for appointments to be made for toddlers at Brightwell Clinic if a parent has concerns regarding their Child's feet; the team will be happy to see pre walkers too. A lot of foot conditions are genetic in origin so if you have problems your children may too, Podiatry and Orthotic Therapy may help as they grow.

Podopaediatrics is the study of children's feet. This is focused on treating and addressing early foot deformities and paediatric foot health.

Podopaediatrics can help with:

  • In-toeing
  • Out-toeing
  • ‘Tripping’
  • Tibial torsion
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Genu Varum
  • Perthes disease
  • Knocked knees
  • Talipes equinovarus
  • Flat feet
  • Severs Disease
  • Freiburg’s Infarction
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans

Many deformities that show up in adult life can often be traced back to early foot growth and development in children. The Podiatrist will focus on preventative foot care and the early detection of foot deformities. It is often possible to prevent the lasting effects of abnormal foot growth and development in children by early diagnosis.

Early diagnosis is essential and many paediatric foot deformities can be treated before they progress into adult foot complications that occur later in life.

How do we assess children?

The first initial treatment you will see our specialist Podiatrists, who in conjunction with the parent/guardian will take a full medical history, including birth history and immunizations your child has received.

The Podiatrist will then carry out a physical examination and note the main chief complaint before discussing the management plan with the parent/guardian and child. This will include an outline of what is realistic for the Podiatrist to achieve and equally important, what is expected of your child and you as their parent/guardian in order for these goals to be met.

Some of the examination will be conducted without your child’s knowledge, simply by observation and watching your child play.

Will orthotics be of use to children?

Many children benefit from foot Orthotic therapy and at Brightwell Clinic we find it rewarding to help many children to enjoy sports without symptoms.

Please bring toddlers and babies in shorts or clothing that is easily removed without much disruption to the child. The session will take place in a gym type environment toys will be available to distract the child. This will not be a frightening experience for your child. Please bring footwear if applicable that is currently in use. Thirty minutes is usually allowed for this appointment. Our podiatrists will be happy to discuss this.

Will the orthotics still work as feet grow?

Prescription Orthotic Devices will last for one and a half shoe sizes.

A special Policy can be taken out by Parents to allow for upgrades to take place as children grow. This is explained in full to all parents.

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