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1. The following are part of our Terms and Conditions

2. Appointments, Payments and Cancellations

2.1 Making Appointments

1. First time at Brightwell Clinic

If you have not been treated at Brightwell Clinic before then you must book an Initial Appointment (and not a Standard/Follow up Appointment) as the Podiatrist needs to take a medical history and carry out an assessment in order to decide upon a treatment plan. This
normally takes longer than the time allowed for a Standard/Follow up Appointment. However if you book a Standard Appointment when you should book an Initial Appointment then either (i) you will be charged the amount underpaid for an Initial Appointment if the Podiatrist is willing to treat you in the time allowed for a Standard/Follow up Appointment or (ii) you will not be treated at the booked appointment slot and you will have to re-book via the receptionist.

2. Booking on-line

This is available for all treatments (other than those listed in 3(b) below) and is recommended as it enables you to select the available appointment slot most convenient for you.

3 Booking by telephone or in person

(a) All treatment appointments may be booked in person at the clinic or by telephone

(b) The following appointments must be booked in person at the clinic or by telephone and cannot be booked on line:

(i) Biomechanical evaluations (BME) or re-cast

(ii) Nail Surgery (Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) or Total Nail Avulsion (TNA) and all redressing or follow up appointments specified in the treatment packages)

(iii) First appointments for Swift or Clearanail treatments (however, second and subsequent appointments can be booked online)

(iv) Professional Podiatry Reports

4. By booking on-line you consent to the Clinic communicating with you by electronic means, e.g. with confirmation of the booking

2.2 Payment terms

1. BME and Nail Surgery

Fees (including any included follow up or re-dressing appointments) are payable as to the podiatrist’s treatment fee at time of booking the appointment and the balance of the fee is payable on completion of the main appointment

2. Swift and Clearanail

Payment for Swift or Clearanail treatment fees include both (i) a follow up/standard fee and (ii) use of the specialist equipment and consumables required to deliver treatment

3. Swift and Clearanail Treatments

Please note an initial Swift or Clearanail appointment has to be made by telephone or in person after such treatment is recommended by the podiatrist and agreed with you as the treatment plan. If the podiatrist recommends either such treatment and you and the podiatrist agree that it should be carried out during the same appointment the Swift or Clearanail treatment fees are payable in addition to the fee for the routine appointment

For any subsequent Swift or Clearanail treatment appointments a payment of the fee for a standard/follow up appointment is required on booking such an appointment. The equipment/consumables element of the fee will be payable at the time of such appointment if the podiatrist and you agree that further Swift or Clearanail treatment is required.

4. Podiatry Report

The fee is payable as to 50% at time of booking and the balance before the report is released either to you or a medical practitioner

5. Short Appointments

These appointments are generally for reviewing existing treatments or for routine treatment which can be carried out in a 15 minute slot. As such they can only be booked at the instigation of the podiatrist either in person or by telephone. The fee is payable at the time of booking.

2.3 Cancellation and Refunds

1. If you wish to rearrange or cancel a booking you should email Brightwell Clinic receptionist at as soon as possible within working hours.

2. If the Notice is received on a Friday or when the Reading Clinic is closed it will be deemed to be received on the following Monday. Please note the clinics are closed on Saturdays or Sundays.

3. If you book within 14 days of the date of your appointment then you are making an express request for treatment at the booked appointment time and date and agree to waive the benefit of the standard 14 day 'cooling off period' where you would otherwise be entitled to cancel and receive a full refund of the appointment fee.

4. If you cancel a booked appointment at any time with not less than 7 working days written notice before the appointment you will receive a refund less a cancellation fee to cover the administration fee of £10.00 (including card fees on booking and making refund).

5. If you cancel a booked appointment at any time with less than 2 working days written notice before the appointment you will receive a full refund less a cancellation fee to cover the administration fee of £10.00 (including card fees on booking and making refund) but only if the appointment cannot be rescheduled to a convenient time and date (such rescheduling not to be unreasonably refused by you).

6. If you are unable to attend or otherwise need to cancel a booked appointment within 2working days of the appointment (and it cannot be rescheduled to a convenient time and date for all parties) then no refund will be payable.

7. Refunds will only be paid to the cardholder or person who made the original payment and will be made through the same means as payment was made.

8. If you attend a booking but are unable to receive services because you are not in an appropriate physical condition then you will not be entitled to a refund

9. Otherwise, refunds are at the discretion of the Clinic less an administration fee of £10.00.

10. The Clinic reserves the right to cancel appointment(s) where a podiatrist is sick or where the Clinic is unable for good reason to be treat the patent. However, the Clinic will offer a replacement appointment in such case

2.4 How can payment be made?

Brightwell Clinic accepts any of the following:

    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • MasterCard or Visa Credit cards
    • UK bank Debit cards

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