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What Our Patients Say

Here are some of the kind messages we have had from previous patients who have been very happy with their treatment.

 I wrote this review in 2018. It is now 2022 and I just completed another 100 mile walk free of any foot problems. So thank you again ,Brightwell.

I am immensely impressed by the effectiveness of Brightwell's treatment of my feet. I have just walked 170 miles over nine days on the Camino del Norte in Spain without blisters. Last year I had to stop at seven days because I had developed a blister covering the whole of the ball of my left foot which took almost two months to heal. In each of the previous four years on the Camino Frances I have always had at least one unpleasant and painful blister. I hoped that Brightwell's orthotic insoles would give me some relief from this problem. To have complete relief was beyond my expectations. Thank you Susan for each of those 361,167 pain free steps!

Brightwell are marvellous. They’re lovely people but, more to the point, in three months or so they fixed a problem that had been troubling me for several years.

I like to swim but had picked up a verruca some years ago. I tried topical treatments and then over the counter cryotherapy kits – both of which failed, the verruca increased in size considerably.

I then went to a clinic for laser treatment which also failed. The clinic then tried needling but, again, the verruca failed to respond and continued to grow.

I then went to a second clinic who attempted to freeze it off. This failed.

Having failed at two clinics I had almost given up hope but I decided to give it one more try. I found Brightwell and discussed possible treatments with them. Vicky was brilliant. I explained what had been done before and, at her recommendation, I had 4 sessions of microwave therapy. The verruca, persistent as it had been, began to shrink, slowly at first, but within 3 months had shown a marked reduction in size and significant signs of improvement. After 5 months it has gone completely. I wish I’d found them when I’d started looking for treatment.

I remain immensely grateful to Vicky and the team at Brightwell.

Geoff B

Wonderful, wonderful. After 10 years of struggling to cope with calloused feet, and a corn on the ball of my foot, with weeks of seeing Vicky I have a spring in my step. No callous, no corn- I can walk without pain. She is a miracle worker. Marvellous.

Finding Brightwell clinic has been a life saver for me. Two previous podiatrists just offered 'off the peg' insoles which did not rectify the problem. Sue's expert knowledge and the subsequent bespoke insoles have been wonderful. Relieving pain, reducing the damage caused by hypermobility in feet and knees and aiding mobility. This has postponed the eventual need for surgery and if only I had discovered her years back might well have prevented inevitable need for surgical intervention. Thanks!

I have been coming to Brightwell for about 8 years now and was so fortunate to be treated by the wonderful Susan and Naomi . More recently , I have had the pleasure to be treated by Vicky and must just say how equally talented and reassuring she has been.  She takes the time to discuss your problem , just like Susan ,and is  a very cheery, sensitive practitioner. I was especially delighted with the laser treatment I received recently for a badly sprained ankle .

Carrie, the receptionist, is always friendly and interested in how things have been going since the last treatment and, along with Missy, the cat,the whole team are wonderful. 

Many thanks for the care shown to me over the last 8 years.

Just a note to say 'Thank you' for 'fixing my leg'. My orthotics have worked wonders! I have been able to resume running and have completed the Royal Berkshire 10K my first race for over a year. Thank you.

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