Brightwell House , 40 Queens Road , Reading , RG1 4AU

Brightwell Clinic

The clinic was opened in the autumn of 2005 to provide a facility in central Reading primarily for the treatment of lower limb musculo-skeletal problems that have their cause in abnormal biomechanical compensation.

We seek to diagnose the root cause of the overuse injury, not merely to treat the symptoms. The clinic can provide you with a treatment plan and a route back to full recovery, and beyond: 

  • Diagnosis of the underlying cause and possible ways to manage this
  • Treatment of soft tissue injury
  • Realignment of gait and stability
  • Understanding the need to improving core stability
  • Training in exercise regimes tailored to deal with the individual's requirements

The clinic operates from elegant air conditioned Georgian premises in Central Reading, which are easily accessible by private and public transport. 

Podiatry in Twyford

We a pleased to announce that we also have a branch practice in Twyford, upstairs in Newdays Pharmacy at the heart of the village. This is a modern and recently refurbished clinic where we will be able to give you the same great service you recieve in Reading.

The clinic opening hours are Thursday 9.30am to 2.30pm

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