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Wiffy Feet!

Whiffy feet ?

A study has show that the smell most likely to get us down is whiffy feet. Wearing the same shoes each day transfers decomposing bacteria on to your feet, so don't wear the same pair of shoes every day".

Top Tips.....

The best type of shoe to combat foot odour is one that will help keep the foot well ventilated.

If your feet smell, wash them using an antibacterial soap.

Wash your feet each day, especially between the toes and always dry feet well. Kitchen towel can be useful for between the toes because it is thinner than a towel, dry gently in this area. After washing and drying apply a moisturiser all over feet and heels.

Avoid cream between toes except Allpresan Foam which is designed for between toes as well as over foot skin.
Moisten a cotton wall ball with Surgical Spirit BP and wipe well between the toes, allow time for this to dry. Or [An empty atomiser spray bottle can be purchased at Brightwell Clinic]. Decant the Surgical Spirit BP into this. The spirit can then be misted between the toes to save on cotton wool balls. [Please label the bottle clearly SURGICAL SPIRIT B.P.]
Always wear clean socks or tights each day and make sure they fit your feet.  Children need regular size upgrade of socks, or if socks are tumble dried beware! They can shrink. Make sure they are not too small. Discomfort and painful symptoms can be caused by small socks.  It is advisable to wear natural fibres where possible. For Hiking or walking holidays Wicking socks are a good idea purchased from outdoor equipment shops.
 When putting your socks on also pull on the toe end to allow freedom for toes when standing.

If this doesn't work - see a chiropodist/podiatrist for advice.

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