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Top tips for winter feet

Winter is here- time to wrap up warm. It is important to take time to look after feet all year round. This helps you spot common foot problems at an early stage, ensuring that they are in top condition.

A regular foot care routine

Wash your feet every day in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. Cut your toenails regularly- it may be easier to do after a bath or shower when the nails are softer.When cutting nails follow the natural edge of the nail, not too short, and not down at the corners as this can lead to ingrowing toenails.


A good shoe can be invaluable: it can help to keep your feet warm and dry during the wet weather. Ensure thet the sole is not too thin and if possible wear a shoe that is made from natural fibres.

Common winter foot problems.


Chilblains are patches of red, swollen and itchy skin which commonly appear on the toes in the winter. People with poor circulation often experience chilblains. They are made worse by moving from a warm to cold environment, they are harmless but can be very uncomfortable. Prevention is key. Make sure you wear warm layers on your feet.

Athletes foot

Athletes foot is a fungal infection that occurs in the foot(often between the toes) When your feet sweet they become the perfect environment for fungal infection.It is highly contagious so be careful not to share towels or shoes. Visit your local pharmacist or podiatrist to obtain anti-fungal treatment.

Cracked heels

People often experience cracked heels during the winter, even though their feet are covered. Use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone to gently rub away hard skin, then apply a rich moisturising cream.
Anybody with a long term medical condition such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis should seek health care professional advice.

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