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The Importance of Stretching

Often along with Orthotic devices one of the most frequent treatments we suggest is stretching and strengthening exercises.

After a workout:

Stretching after a workout helps to reduce muscle fatigue. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles are warm and you benefit from increased blood circulation. Stretching will help your muscles to recover faster from a tough workout. Muscle soreness is one of the reasons that many people skip exercising. After you finish working out, what do you do? If you’re like most of us, you walk it off and relax. Maybe jump in the shower or grab a snack to refuel. However, that may not be the smartest choice. This pro post will let you know the top 10 reasons it’s important to stretch after a workout. The reasons range from reducing soreness to increasing endorphins.


Top 10 Reasons to Stretch After a Workout

1. Stiffness and Soreness

During a hard workout, muscles go through numerous contractions which leave them in a miss-shaped and shortened state, which is why you will feel stiffness and soreness if you don’t try and rectify the state by stretching.

2. Lactic Acid

Your body produces lactic acid which makes your muscles tired and sore, stretching helps to eliminate the lactic acid.

3. Endorphins

Endorphins are released after a workout once your body starts to cool down, stretching helps slow the cooling process ensuring you feel energised after your workout.

4. Blood Flow

Stretching helps the blood flow back into your muscles at a more regulated pace, allowing your heart rate to come back to normal, your muscles feed on oxygen and nutrients brought in by the blood

5. Lower Back Pain

The most common complaint amongst my clients when they first come to me is the lower back area. Nine times out of ten stretching the hamstrings and hip flexors, muscles that are attached to the pelvis, will relieve that pain.

6. General Posture

General posture is improved, people tend to stand up straighter particularly if you focus on stretching backs, shoulders and chests

7. Tension and Anxiety

General tension and anxiety lead to tension in your muscles, whether that’s stiff necks or tight shoulders. Releasing and stretching those muscles often leads to an overall feeling of stress relief.

8. Flexibility

Increased flexibility, which will happen the more you stretch, will enable you to exercise more effectively.

9. Toned Muscles

Stretching over time will give your muscles tone and your body will look more slender. You only need to look at the bodies of those that practice Yoga on a regular basis.

10. Reduce the Risk of Injury

Last but by no means least you reduce the risk of injury as you will have an improved range of motion, which in turn decreases resistance on your muscles.


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