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Summer feet

Although it always feels a million miles away, summer has a habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, catching you unaware – and unprepared! It doesn’t take as much effort as you’d think to get your feet ready and beautiful for the summer season. We’ve compiled a list for getting your feet beautiful and ready for summer, so take a look and make sure you don’t get caught out this year!
Before using any footcare products and accessories it’s important to make sure your skin is clean. Once your skin is fresh and clean, you should also towel dry your feet thoroughly before treatment.
This is the absolute minimum that you should be doing in terms of footcare! Not only will they look so much better, but there will also be less chance of them causing you pain and discomfort. When you cut your nails, be sure to use proper nail clippers, and to cut them straight, not down at the corners. Doing this can cause painful ingrowing toenails! Simply file the corners and edges of your nails softly with a file, to prevent any cracking of the nail edges.
push your cuticles back, using a rounded cuticle pusher – be sure to only use dedicated devices for this, as if the cuticle comes away, or tears, you can risk infection.
Hard skin is a perennial problem for some, but all people are at increased risk of hard and cracked skin in the summer. By taking care of your feet all year round, you can make sure that you don’t have to suffer from painful and unseemly cracked skin and heels! There are plenty of products to help you with this, such as creams to dissolve and soften built up layers of hard skin. It’s so great to have beautiful, soft looking feet, you to get them there effortlessly. Building a regular routine for hard skin removal enables you to have beautiful soft skin through, the summer with hardly any effort.
Why not spoil your feet in a relaxing foot soak for ten to fifteen minutes (ideally at a water temperature of 37°C) This will not only get your feet relaxed, it will also help the pores to open and to prepare your skin for a layer of moisturiser afterwards.
Foot creams contain even richer ingredients than normal body lotions and a daily use of cream can help you to get your feet looking beautiful. The cream can help to keep your feet soft and supple by helping them to retain essential moisture.
Applying that factor 25 shouldn’t stop at your ankles, especially if you’re wearing flip-flops! All too often it can be forgotten to apply sun cream to feet, which could lead to UV damage, as well as sunburn. To get the perfect tan, ensure regular application of the appropriate factor of UV protection for your skin, but don’t cover them up either! Getting a summer glow from head-to-toe can look great, so don’t forget to protect your precious feet the next time you top-up on sun cream!

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