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Pedicures? how safe are they?

We all enjoy a bit bit of feet pampering and Nail Polish especially for party time but how safe is the beauty salon? and why is it safer to use an HCPC Registered Chiropodist in a clinical environment?

The tools should never be used on more than more patient/client without sterilisation. All equipment should be cleaned between clients. If this is not the case then bacteria and fungal nail infections can be passed on. Diabetic patients are particularly vulnerable or anyone with a compromised immune system, the elderly or anyone with vascular or circulation problems are more at risk of infection. If the skin is cut by accident during a pedicure, you can also get bacterial infections by coming into contact with bacteria from previous customers.

Recent studies have raised the following comments:

Doctor Helena Kuhn, a dermatologist with Brown Dermatology says.
“It’s definitely a real threat and health concern,” she said. “The sharp instruments, the pumice stones, they create micro tears in the skin. If there’s bacteria in the pedicure booth, on the instruments, it makes is easier for that bacteria to get into your skin.”
“Bacterial infections usually occur within a few days of the procedure,” she added. “So if you have redness, swelling, increased pain, perhaps even a fever, that’s something to be concerned about.”
Fungal infections are also a risk, according to Kuhn.
“Fungal infections usually occur weeks to months later, but if you notice a change in the colour of your nail, looking more white or yellow, that’s indicative of a fungal infection,” Kuhn said.
Joy Rowland, Podiatrist said it is also important that salon technicians do not tear or cut the skin with their tools during a procedure. Microorganisms in foot bowls can get through a cut, which can cause infection.
"Sometimes the skin gets cut during the pedicure, and then they put their feet inside the bowls. The bacterium from the legs, which is the natural flora from the skin, is swirling around inside the bowl and gets inside the cut. This can cause an infection inside the skin,"
Podiatrist Joy Rowland cited the importance of going to salons that use clean and disinfected instruments. It is best if the salon uses a process called autoclaving used in hospitals and HCPC registered Podiatry clinics to sterilise surgical tools


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