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Keeping Kids feet Fit

The children's Foot Health Register represents shoe shops that are dedicated to looking after the health of children's feet. We urge you to choose a CFHR registered shoe shop when shopping for shoes for your children.
Most parents recognise the need for correctly fitting shoes during a child's early years of walking life, yet few realise that children's feet remain vulnerable to ill-fitting shoes up to the age of 18 years and beyond.
It is concerning that so many children suffer foot problems by their early teens which are associated with ill-fitting shoes. If parents ensured their children only wore correctly fitted shoes the vast majority of these problems would simply never occur.
All members of the register are committed to the highest standard of shoe fitting for young, growing feet. To protect such standards members guarantee to provide.

comprehensive training for staff
offer children's shoes in whole and half sizes
offer children's shoes in up to 4 width fittings.

Have your children's feet checked regularly to ensure they always have shoes that fit properly.

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