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How to look after your feet in the 3rd Lockdown

Healthy feet in the third lockdown


At Brightwell Clinic we have put together some ideas to make sure that during the lockdown your feet stay healthy and pain free


  • Give yourself some Self care with a home pedicure. Soak your feet for a few minutes in warm water with nice smelling essential oils or bubble bath in it and then cut nails so you follow the shape of the nail. Don’t go down the sides. Gently buff your heels with foot file to remove hard skin and finally apply some nourishing foot cream.

  • Use a urea based foot cream daily to keep skin soft.

  • If you are taking your daily exercise in wellies every day because it’s so muddy, make sure they have some support. Wellies are notorious for allowing the foot too much room to move around which can cause foot pain. Especially when squelching through mud.

  • If you are doing high impact exercises at home make sure you wear trainers rather than exercising in bare feet. If you are not used to it jumping up and down in bare feet can cause injury

  • If you’re sat still for long periods of time while working from home wear a thick pair of socks so your feet don’t get cold.

  • Give your toes a break from nail polish, giving your toenails a few months break during the winter months when no one sees your feet can really improve the condition of you nails. Using nail oil such as Prende Podicure Intense or Nourish the nail can make them look and smell wonderful.

  • If you are getting achy feet it might be because you are in bare feet too much consider wearing a pair of shoes or trainers for few hours a day around the house.

  • Stretch your feet and improve your foot balance and strength. Spend a minute or two every day stretching your calves and standing on one foot with your eyes closed. As you wobble you fire the muscles in the foot and ankle which will give them a little work out. Click Here for a link to a really easy calf stretch 

  • If you have a painful foot problem such as an ingrowing toenail or painful callous or corns come and make an appointment to see us.  We are able to continue seeing patients even in the current lockdown.


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