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Dry Cracked Heels

Your skin is like a human sheild: it protects you from dirt and infections. But it can't protect you properly if its injured. Cracked skin is one such ailment. It's painful, and not the most aesthetically pleasing look.
Cracked skin results from tiny splits that occur in dry damaged skin. If left untreated, these tears can grow into deeper cracks: also know as fissures. A common area for cracks to appear is the heel as it carries the weight of the body whenever you stand. This could be because of dry skin that has built up. Without regular removal of dry skin and a lack of moisture, cracked heels could appear more often.
Dehydrated skin is one of the biggest cause of cracked skin. Once moisture is lost the heel starts to produce thick areas of rough skin as a form of protection. As a result the skin is prevented from healing sufficiently. In more advanced stages cracked heels can feel itchy, painful and also bleed from pressure.
An effective way to prevent the formation of cracked skin is through the use of moisturiser. A Urea based based foot cream is the most effective. Urea helps to soften the skin by drawing water from the surrounding tissues and so works better than just adding a greasy layer to the skin. Apply 1-2 daily

Wet wrap technique
Soak the feet, apply urea based cream, wear wet socks with a dry pair of socks covering, leave til morning.

Allpresan and Dermatonic are both Urea based creams and sold in Brightwell shop.

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