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Blisters, to pop or not....

Top Tips.....

Blisters are painful, fluid-filled lesions, often caused by friction and pressure. The most common cause is repeated rubbing from ill-fitting footwear and socks, and excessive moisture between the foot and the sock. There are a number of simple techniques that can prevent your walking, running or social activities from being ruined by a blister.

Wear comfortable, good fitting footwear especially on long walks or runs.
Wear good walking socks in the right size, made of fibres with good wicking properties.
Change your socks daily
Keep your toenails trimed
If your feet get very sweaty there are products that can help control excessive moisture.
Quickly remove any foreign bodies from socks and shoes.
Ensure that tongue and laces of your boots are arranged correctly.
Check your feet carefully and regularly for any sign of rubbing or tenderness.

If you feel a blister developing do this:

Act immediately you feel any friction or discomfort: blisters can form very quickly. Stop walking, take your boots and socks off and examine your feet. Consider applying some material cushioning or padding, or breathable waterproof plaster.

If a blister has developed:

Most foot blisters fill with clear fluid and last between 3 and 7 days, and will normally clear if further excessive friction is avoided. Do not pop it. Cut a hole in a piece of foam or felt, forming a doughnut over the blister: tape the foam or felt in place. Treat an open blister with mild soap and water, cover with ant-septic ointment to prevent infection and speed up the healing process.
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