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How to make a complaint or compliment about Brightwell Clinic

If you are not happy with the care and treatment you have received or if you would like to pass on your compliments please contact us and let us know. Receiving complaints and compliments are important to Brightwell Clinic, they help us know what we’re getting right and what we can improve on.

To make a complaint or compliment please contact:

Susan Sandall
Clinic Director
Brightwell Clinic
Brightwell House
40 Queens Road

Personal Information

Brightwell Clinic is subject to the General Data Protection regulation and to established protocols about the confidentiality of the information of patients who consult with, or receive treatment from, any practitioners at Brightwell Clinic. 

Brightwell Clinic does not collect any personal information about persons visiting this website. 

Medical Information

Medical Information means your name and address and other identifying personal information, medical history, referral correspondence, treatment notes, reports and correspondence with medical practitioners, prescriptions to be sent to third party suppliers, test information, video footage obtained in gait analysis and any information derived from the use of F Scan. Practitioners may write to your GP or to the medical practitioner referring you to the Brightwell Clinic to report on the consultation and treatment and disclosing medical information. The records and medical information of a patient of one practitioner may be disclosed to another practitioner within Brightwell Clinic to whom you are being referred for further consultation and treatment. You will be asked to formally consent to such disclosure of medical information when completing the Clinic's registration form. 

Medical information will also be disclosed to RX Laboratories when a prescription is written for any orthotic device Brightwell Clinic may from time to time contact you by letter, telephone, fax or email concerning your treatment or any appointment you may have at the clinic. No medical information (other than name address and details of the appointment) will be quoted in any such communication other than one in a personally addressed and sealed letter sent by hand delivery or on the post . 

All medical information collected from you will be kept confidential and will only be used in connection with any consultation and treatment you receive save as mentioned under the next heading. 

However sometimes Brightwell Clinic may be required by law to disclose information about you, including medical information, to comply with Legal requirements. 

Other Communications with you 

In addition Brightwell Clinic may communicate with you for marketing purposes or to inform you of any matter which the practitioners feel will be of interest to you. We will ask your for your consent for such communication

Consent to treatment

Before any patient can be examined or treated he or she must give informed consent to such examination or treatment. At Brightwell Clinic you will be asked on the Clinic Registration From to indicate whether or not you consent to examination and treatment and to disclosure of medical information to your GP.

Consent for Children and Young People 

1. Over-riding principle 

Before examining or treating a child or young person a practitioner at Brightwell Clinic must seek a valid consent. 

* Young people aged 16 and 17 are presumed to have the competence to give consent for themselves 

* Younger children who understand fully what is involved in the proposed procedure can also give consent (the child is said to be 'Gillick competent' although their parents will ideally be involved). 

* In other cases, someone with parental responsibility must give consent on the child's behalf, unless they cannot be reached in an emergency 

2. Gillick Competence 

In the case Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority [1985] 3 All ER 402 (HL). The House of Lords was asked to rule on the giving of consent in the case of a child. Lord Justice Scarman said: 

'As a matter of law the parental right to determine whether or not their minor child below the age of 16 will have medical treatment terminates if and when the child achieves sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him to understand fully what is proposed.' 

This has become known as Gillick Competence. 

3. Consent for Child under 16 who is not Gillick Competent 

The consent must be given by a person with parental responsibility. Typically this will be: 

1. the mother who automatically has parental responsibility 

2. the father where he is married to the child's mother 

3. a father, who is not married to the child's mother but who has a current residence order in respect of the child. 

It is the responsibility of the person giving consent to confirm that he or she has parental responsibility for the child being treated. Please do not be offended if the practitioner specifically requests such confirmation.


Clinic policies

Missed Appointments

We would like to bring to your attention that the full fee will be charged for failing to attend without prior notification.  We require two full working days’ notice either by telephone or email. We are not open Saturdays or Sundays.

Satisfaction Guarantee

in the rare instance you are not happy with your orthoses, and every effort has been made by the practitioner and yourself to resolve any issues. We will refund you the cost of the devices. We are unable to refund you the appintment time costs as our professional opinion was offered in good faith.

Orthoses Refurbishment

When your devices need refurbishment return them to us along with prepayment for this refurbishment and we will have them returned directly to you. This process usually takes 2 weeks.

Nail Polish

Please could you ensure that your nail polish is removed from your toenails before your appointment. Failure to do this cuts into your appointment time and means that we have less time to spend treatng your presenting complaint.  We are not able to remove Shellac or Gelish  polish from nails.


We are sorry, but no dogs are alowed in the clinic unless they are guide dogs or dogs for the disabled

Copyright information

Brightwell Clinic logo 

The logo and the device 'treating the body in motion' are a registered trade mark belonging to the AB 2004 Limited and may not be reproduced in whole or in part except with the written consent of AB 2004 Limited 


The content of this website is the copyright of AB 2004 Limited and all rights are reserved The information contained in the site may not printed downloaded for commercial purposes but extracts may be printed or downloaded for personal use only.


Website content disclaimer 

The information given on this website is given for general information and in good faith and may be changed without notice. The practitioners at Brightwell Clinic have used reasonable care in collating the information and that it is accurate. However it is not intended to be or to provide any person with any diagnosis of any condition which he or she may believe himself or herself to be suffering from. The practitioners at Brightwell Clinic can only accept responsibility for treatment or advice given during an appointment and after a full medical history has been taken.

To the extent that is permissible by law, AB 2004 Limited and the practitioners at Brightwell Clinic exclude all liability for any loss or injury that a person may suffer from making use of the content of this website unless the same is specifically confirmed in a consultation with a practitioner. 

AB 2004 Limited 

AB 2004 Limited is the proprietor of the premises known as Brightwell House which house not only Brightwell Clinic but Anthony Sandall & Co Commercial Solicitors. 

AB 2004 Limited takes reasonable precautions for the security of the premises and to make them reasonably safe for the purposes of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 for those persons visiting the practitioners at Brightwell Clinic 

However whilst a room is occupied by a Brightwell Clinic Practitioner or Affiliate AB 2004 Limited will not accept any liability for injury arising form the manner in which the room is being used if this produces hazards which were not in existence immediately prior to such particular use nor will AB 2004 Limited accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the treatment provided by a Brightwell Clinic practitioner or Affiliates who are independent contractors notwithstanding that they may practice under the banner of Brightwell Clinic, Brightwell affiliates or otherwise from Brightwell House. 


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